Peer Ministry Presentation Evening


Peer Ministry Presentation Evening

Twenty-four Peer Ministers were presented with certificates of achievement at the recent Peer Ministry Presentation Evening in school.  Well done to 1st Year classes Feargal, Finbarr, Fiona and Fiachra.  Appreciative thanks and congratulations to the Peer Ministers for all their time, effort and commitment throughout the year!







The hall in St. Louis Secondary School, Carrickmacross, was packed to capacity at the recent Peer Ministry Presentation Evening.  Twenty-four 5th Year students and their four 1st Year classes treated proud families to a feast of creativity, enthusiasm and talent.


Co-ordinator of the Peer Ministry Programme, Monica O’Kane, welcomed everyone and explained what the responsibilities of Peer Ministry involved.  The programme provides an opportunity for young people to share their gifts and talents with other young people in an atmosphere of good will and co-operation. Successful applicants selected for the Peer Ministry Programme become responsible for taking a 1st Year class one period each week.  Some of their themes covered during the year were presented and the creativity and effort that goes into a Peer Ministry class was clearly in evidence.


Both 1st Years and 5th Years develop valuable skills and learning experiences from the programme.  First years are helped in getting to know one another better and their transition into the world of Secondary education is enhanced by the special friendships that are often formed with their Peer Ministers.  Mrs. O'Kane then introduced the 1st and 5th Year students who thoroughly enjoyed presenting an entertaining, creative and vibrant demonstration of their work.


The Peer Ministers make certain that every student is included in the presentations, which involve drama, song, dance and a clearly positive theme.  All the presentations are written and prepared by the Peer Ministers and their inventiveness and pride in their 1st Year classes was clearly apparent for the appreciative audience to see.


Rang Finbarr, opened with a lively entertaining introduction called, “We’re all in this Together.”  This enjoyable, thought-provoking presentation imagined a school reunion fifty years into the future.  As the “girls” looked back on their school days, they realized the lasting impact school and relationships had on their lives.  Even Agnes Brown, Sherlock Holmes and Watson featured in an imaginative “LiveCam” link chase! 


Rang Feargal’s entertaining presentation, “I’m a First Year – Get Me Out of Here!” combined jungle-style challenges for teams set against the time trials of “Countdown”. The competing teams, guided by famous TV presenters, realized they had to work together in a spirit of co-operation and sharing to achieve their goals.  Their energetic finale “Count on Me”, brought their presentation to a perfect close.


Rang Fiona, in their humorous and creative presentation entitled “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”,


featured Mr. Bean, who had returned from abroad only to discover that he had left something very important behind – Teddy!  Retracing his steps to Ireland, the USA and Italy – and helped by some very well-known world leaders, Teddy was found and a wonderful “Lion King” tribute assured a happy ending for Mr. Bean!


The final 1st Year class to present their work was Rang Fiachra.  Entitled “Where We Belong”, the students thoroughly impressed the audience with their rhyming narrative presentation.  A wicked witch cast a spell as many famous cartoon characters slept.  When they awoke they could not remember where they belonged.  As they desperately searched to find their way back to where they belonged they eventually met girls who invited them into a community where everyone was welcome, even the now repentant wicked witch – their very own class, Rang Fiachra!  Their dynamic song and dance brought the four presentations to a delightful end.   All the Peer Ministry presentations were enhanced by impressive short films and slide shows compiled by the Peer Ministers. Bringing the first part of the evening to a close, Mrs. O’Kane reminded the audience that all the content of the evening had been prepared entirely by the hard work, imagination and dedication of the Peer Ministers. 


The second half of the evening was a repeat performance of part of the school’s Christmas liturgy called, “Open Your Door to Jesus this Christmas”.  This had also been prepared by the Peer Ministers last December.  The imagination and effort that the girls and their 1st Year classes put into the presentation deserved a repeat performance.  The entire 1st Year group, through drama, choral speaking and song – accompanied by their Peer Ministers and Patrice Doherty on piano, brought the evening to a close.


Principal of St. Louis, Eileen English, said that the Peer Ministry Programme is very beneficial to 1st Year students making the transition from primary to secondary school.  The 5th Years also benefit greatly by being given responsibility for nurturing younger students.  The Peer Ministry Programme, conceived and co-ordinated by Monica O’Kane, enriches the life of every single student in the school. The Peer Ministers were then presented with their well-earned certificates, to bring the evening to a close. 


Peer Ministry certificates were presented to the following 5th Year students:


Rachel White, Wiktoria Szczech, Holly Martin, Laura Farrelly, Megan Gartlan, Katie Oates, Holly Ryan, Tara Clarke, Niamh Morris, Lauren Browne, Michelle Burns, Shauna McCahey, Linda Merrin, Megan Mills, Anne-Marie McArdle, Danielle Gorman, Emma Sheerin, Emma Maguire, Chloe Babington, Ellen McCabe, Kornelija Paulauskaite, Eva Woods, Rebecca Owens and Claire Greene.