Congratulations to our new Peer Ministers!



Congratulations to New Peer Ministers

The Peer Ministry Programme in St. Louis Secondary School, Carrickmacross, has blossomed from tiny seeds that were sown in a 5th Year Religious Education class many years ago.  Since then, Peer Ministry has become an important part of the transition into secondary school life for 1st Years, mentored by their specially selected Peer Ministers.

Each year all 5th Year students are invited to apply for Peer Ministry.  The twenty-four successful candidates participate in a Training Day directed by the co-ordinator of the programme, Monica O’Kane, assisted by 6th Year Peer Ministers who have completed the programme the previous year.  Following the Training Day the new Peer Ministers meet every week with the co-ordinator to prepare specially devised classes to present to all the 1st Years in their care.

All 5th Years selected for the programme are called to show good will in all aspects of interaction with their 1st Year classes.  The Peer Ministry Programme is an integral part of the school’s pastoral care system.  It provides an opportunity for 5th Year Peer Ministers to share their many gifts and talents with the new 1st Year students in a spirit of responsibility, good will and friendship.

The Peer Ministers appreciate the opportunity they have been given and are always most diligent in fulfilling their roles with great creativity, dedication and hard work.  The Peer Ministers of 2015 – 2016 are looking forward to their year of Peer Ministry.  Bonds will inevitably grow stronger in the world of joy, effort, learning and friendship that the Peer Ministers bring to the world of the 1st Year classes in their care as the seeds of Peer Ministry continue to grow.

Congratulations and good luck to the new Peer Ministers from everyone in St. Louis!