Tooth Led Programme




In photo from left to right:  Katelyn McDaniel, Ciara McCahey, Cara Martin, Karen Conlan, Aimee O’Reilly, Chloe Finnegan, Megan Sweeney and Alisha Duffy.  Missing from the photo is Laura Kerley and Aisha Anderson



The Tooth LED Programme is a programme where ten Transition Year students attended one in-house training day led by Elizabeth O’Reilly from the HSE.  The training day consisted TY students learning how to teach first year students about oral health care.  Students were taught about how to brush their teeth properly and about different gum diseases that can occur when teeth are not brushed properly. 

The following week the TY students spread their teachings to the various first year SPHE classes.  They taught two classes.  Class one was a general class on oral hygiene and its importance and the second class consisted of tooth decay. 

The TY students really enjoyed this programme.  Not only did they gain a lot of useful information but they also gained a huge amount of confidence as they had to pursue the role of a teacher.  They had to stand up in front 25 first year students and pass on the information in a fun and engaging way.  They thoroughly enjoyed this experience.