Induction Program

                                      Our Induction Programme


Starting secondary school can be both exciting and overwhelming for both students and parents/guardians alike. For this reason we have developed an induction programme to make the transition that little bit easier and less formidable. This induction programme orientates students to the expectations, their responsibilities and the operation of the school. It also introduces them to the learning skills needed at second level and supports the social, emotional and personal aspects of the transition. We are very proud of our induction programme and the fact that our first year students settle into post primary school life with ease.

Our Induction Programme involves:

  • A representative from the school visits the primary schools in the catchment area as a first contact.
  • The students and their parents/guardians are invited to an Open Night/Information Night in the school. Information about the school is given, facilities are open for view and staff are available for questions.
  • In January students participate in a team building day to get to know other students in their year group.
  • Those students, who enrol, sit an assessment examon a Saturday morning usually in February.
  • Students are invited into school in May to participate in our initial induction day. During this day students get a chance to sample some of the practical subjects, make new friends and find out about their new class group.
  • An information meeting is held for parents/guardians towards the end of May to explain our expectations from our students and to outline our school policies and procedures in the school. Parents/ Guardians also receive a presentation on Junior Cycle and on our Learning Support Department and are provided with an opportunity to meet their daughter’s Year-Head. This evening also offers guidelines to help their daughter to settle into second level.
  • Parents also receive an Information Booklet to outline our expectations and systems.
  • During the first two days of school in August, students are welcomed by the Principal and Deputy Principal and are introduced to their year head. Students then participate in various bonding activities, work through Induction booklets designed by the staff and students, which help them with organisation skills for starting their new school.
  • Students participate in a treasure hunt around the school, which allows them to get used to the school building.
  • During the first two days the students also participate in a workshop called ‘Relax Kids’. This workshop has proven very popular with our students and focuses mainly on resilience building and techniques.
  • First years have lockers in a specific area of the school for their exclusive use. Bag racks for P.E gear, Art and Home Economics material will also be available in this area of the school.
  • First Year Students are released from class five minutes before small break and the lunchtime bell to facilitate them to be in the canteen before the older students and thus avoid the hustle and bustle of the queue. Lunch can also be pre-ordered from the canteen by text in the morning.
  • Alongside the Peer Ministry Programme, Class Teachers and Year Heads work closely to get to know the students over the course of the year and ensure they are settling in and coping with the change.
  • Towards the end of September each first year class will be introduced to their Peer Ministers who will work with the class during one period per week over the course of the year. This is an extremely important part of our induction programme for first years.
  • S.P.H.E. (Social Personal and Health Education) will also address the issue of change in their young lives.
  • During the first term a member of our care team meets with students in small groups to ensure they are all settling into school well.
  • Just before Mid-Term a First Year Prayer Service is held for both students and parents/guardians. This is a very important night for the first years and it is also an occasion at which the new students and their parents/guardians meet with their teachers and tutors informally for the first time. It also provides parents with an opportunity to meet some of their daughter’s new friends and their Peer Ministers.