Additional Learning Needs

The Learning Support Department

The Learning Support Department is an integral part of St. Louis’ Secondary School.  The main aim of the Learning Support Department is to cater for students who require additional support in their academic subjects.  Classes take place on an individual or small group basis for first to sixth year students.  We also provide in-class support to students we feel would benefit from it.  The provision of learning support to students who need it has enormous positive effects for the students and a subsequent positive effect on the teaching and learning environment within the school as a whole.

There are three fully qualified Additional Educational Needs (AEN) teachers working within the Department.  They work very closely and on a continuous basis with class/subject teachers, Year heads, the Guidance Counsellor, the Principal and Deputy Principal to ensure all students’ needs are identified and in turn the necessary provisions and programmes are put in place to guarantee that students receive the help required for them to achieve their full potential. The Learning Support co-ordinator is also a member of the pastoral care team and attends care meetings fortnightly.

The Learning Support Department in St. Louis Secondary School strives to:

·        Ensure that students with AEN are identified and provided for in a fair and equitable manner so that their learning potential, sense of self-worth and dignity are developed and respected. 

·        Ensure that students with AEN are offered a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.

·        Develop staff expertise in supporting students with AEN

·        Create and foster positive partnerships with parents/guardians and all relevant outside agencies (NEPS/TUSLA/CAMHS etc.)  to ensure the student receives all the necessary supports outside school.

·        Regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of practice in support of students with AEN.