The Student Council

<p">Student Council 2021-22


The main role our Student Council as set out in the Education Act is "to promote the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the board, parents and teachers".

The establishment of a Student Council gives our students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. It enables students to take responsibility for projects, and to demonstrate that they can manage and bring such projects to successful conclusion.


The student council is made up of representatives from each class group in our school.    







Student Council 2021/2022



 The following students have been elected to this year's Student Council:

  • Liliana McGreal
  • Aoife McArdle
  • Rachel McEnaney
  • Megan Ward
  • Sophie McCormick
  • Madison Lynch
  • Eva Stanga
  • Orla McElroy
  • Keeley McMahon
  • Maddie Smith
  • Casey Mahon
  • Tara Hughes
  • Lauren Hamilton
  • Kelly Smyth
  • Alannah Whelan
  • Roisin Malcolm
  • Megan Waters McFall
  • Erin Brennan
  • Sheelan Mulholland
  • Eimear Devine
  • Una Riekstina

Chairperson: Kelly Smyth

Deputy Chairperson: Liliana McGreal

Treasurers: Una Riekstina, Madison Lynch, Roisin Malcolm

Secretaries: Maddie Smith, Alannah Whelan