Well-Being and the Amber Flag

The Pieta House Amber Flag initiative aims to encourage Schools/ Colleges/ Clubs/ Societies/ Organisations to promote and actively bring about a culture of change in the promotion of positive mental health within the educational system and other organisations.

In the 2017/2018 school year, our school began to actively engage with this initiative.

An Amber Flag committee was formed led by Ms Smith and Ms Mulligan with the aim of enhancing the good work that is already going on in our school where positive mental health and well-being is concerned.

We looked at the numerous ways in which we as a school were already promoting and raising awareness around positive mental health and well-being including:

  • Well-Being Week
  • Le Chéile Day – Random Acts of Kindness
  • Peer Ministry Programme
  • Transition Year mentoring with 1st year students
  • Retreats for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years which focused on team building, relationships and kindness
  • Personal Safety Workshop for Transition Year students focusing on self-respect, rights and responsibilities
  • 6th Year Well-Being class and Transition Year Well-Being module
  • Student support systems – Guidance counsellor, Chaplain, Year heads and class tutors
  • Student Awards focusing on academic, sports and personal achievements
  • Student leadership including Prefects and Student Council

The Well-Being committee will meet regularly throughout the year to look at ways we can further support students and their needs.